Monday, July 4, 2011

Pictures from our recent campus dedication


What a night!  Friends of the yeshiva from all over the world converged in Akko to celebrate our new campus.

Legendary Jewish singer Avraham Fried performed.  Our students and our supporters had an opportunity to meet each other.  Others came for the concert, but left with much more; a deeper understanding and appreciation for everything that Yeshivat Heder Akko does for our community, and our country.

Here are some photos of this fantastic evening.
Setting up - our residence halls in the background.

Avraham Fried (right) with some of his adoring fans.

The very talented Mr. Fried with our beloved Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yossi Stern.

The stage is set, and we're ready to rock! (Well, not rock; more like Jewish ballads, but that doesn't sound right - we're ready to 'Jewish ballad'... you get the point)

The entrance to our stunning beit midrash (study hall).

Two of our students who are currently serving in the Israeli army.

All of our students serve in combat units.  May G-d bless and protect them!

If you would like to honor a special person in your life, make a dedication on our "tree of life".

Our guests enjoy words of Torah inside our brand new beit midrash (study hall).

It's concert time!  Avraham Fried gets the whole crowd to sing along.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible.  May we all be blessed to celebrate together in the future!

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